Photos from the Netley Marsh Steam and Craft Show, 23-7-10

Photos of vintage vehicles and machinery, plus Matt Sleep's trials display. The day finished watching the Oreana depart from  Southampton.

Little and Large Steam Traction Engines
Little and Large

Foden sign on a Traction Engine
A forgotten name
Steam Traction Engine Smoke
The days before Global Warming
Spirit of Ecstacy 1930s
Spirit of Ecstacy - 1930s
Matt Sleep and trials rider
Matt Sleep watches a trials rider riding a Pajero
Young trials rider tickles it
Young trials rider tickles it
Young trials rider bending the handlebars
Geddup - FFS!

Oh yes!
Finely balanced trials rider on a pipe
Finely balanced
Oriana departs from Southampton
Oriana departs from Southampton

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