Hoegh Osaka Ran Aground On Bramble Bank 

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Hoegh Osaka Aground Beached On Bramble Bank
Hoegh Osaka Aground on 4th Jan 2015
Hoegh Osaka looking small as a large container ship passes by
Looking small compared to a container ship
Spectators at Calshot looking at Hoegh Osaka
Some of the many spectators

4/1/15. Pics of the Hoegh Osaka deliberately ran aground on Bramble Bank, shot from Calshot Beach. 

I was there for daylight and stayed for high tide. The degree of list didn't change as the tide came in so something serious is stopping it floating. Perhaps the cargo has shifted.

Svitzer have been called in to salvage it.

It was grounded deliberately to stop it capsising. It developed a severe list shortly after leaving port. The decision was made by master and pilot to ground it to save the vessel and crew. The cause of the list is being investigated.  It is expected to take "several days" to salvage. My guess is several weeks.

5/1/15. Estimates of the value of the cargo are around 27 m. There have been reports of salvage taking weeks or months. The first meetings were held today to start putting a plan together. People boarded today to begin an assessment. I hope they had climbing ropes, the last report I saw said 52 of list.

6/1/15. Talk today about trying to refloat tomorrow. I think this is wishful thinking ahead of a lot of bad weather coming in, but good luck to them anyway.

Also have a video of a simulation of the grounding. This shows she went on sideways - but! She is not laying with the same heading shown in the video, she is laying bow towards Southampton Water and stern towards Cowes so I am not sure how accurate it is at the moment of grounding. 

GeoVS Viewer - Hoegh Osaka grounding in Southampton 3-Jan-2015 from GeoVS Limited on Vimeo.

Thanks to the Daily Echo for the heads up.  

7/1/15. Looks like high tide plus some pumping out of onbaord water got her floating today. There was a general concensus that she floated out of control until the tugs got to her. Once the tugs got her under control, they pulled her off Bramble bank and eased her towards Spitbank, 2 miles east. Looks like they will now take a deep breath and perhaps try to ballast her towards upright from there.


19/1/15. She has been moved to Alpha Anchorage, 2 miles east of Bramble Bank and held by anchors and tugs. She has endured Force 10 gales and heavy seas since then. The final stage of getting her back on an even keel may be starting shortly. Today it was reported that the 3,000 tons of water has been pumped out with a remainder to be stored in empty fuel tanks. The MCA think they may be able to tow her back to port Wed or Thu this week. This cracking picture is from the Daily Echo and looks to be taken from one of the tugs.


21/1/15. List has been reduced to 25 with use of the ballast tanks and work to continue uprighting her continues. They may try to tow her in to Southampton tomorrow but the weather is not looking good from Friday.

22/1/15. She is on the move back to port! List is less than 5 and she is under tow by 4 tugs. Update - she is now back in port and probably being moored up as I type. Here is another cracking pic from the Daily Echo.


25/1/15. Took a long walk from Netley to Mayflower Park to get some pictures of the Hoegh Osaka moored up in port. It was good to see her upright and securely tied up.

Hoegh Osaka Moored Up Tied Up In Southampton Port

However, there appears to be something big, blue and heavy blocking the door.

Hoegh Osaka heavy construction machinery blocking the door.

It is difficult to see but that machine is tight up against the door frame and appears to have suffered damage from an impact. While I was there people were working on it, and many more people were stood looking at it. I guess that this is the "heavy construction machinery" that broke away when the ship first listed. It also looks like it is blocking the door and stopping them unloading the rest of the cargo.

Not StrictIy Hoegh Osaka, but I thought I would include a picture of Southampton Water I took as I set off on the 4 miles walk back to the car.

Southampton Water Royal Pier In Winter

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